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Introduction to my Travel Blog

Ever since I had my first penfriends in Japan and Sri Lanka I have had an interest in travel, culture and comparative religions. During my adult life I have been able to travel to many countries. My husband, an enthusiastic motorcyclist, is a keen photographer and has been able to supply me with a good picture record of the diverse places and people that we have seen and visited. Travel does indeed ‘broaden the mind’ and it is difficult not to develop an interest in the history and languages of other countries. The aim of this site is to encourage others to do the same. In this way, may we learn to be more tolerant and understanding of others.

About my Interest in Dogs

Some years ago we became the owners of a a sad Border Collie puppy aged 10 months.  He had been abdly abused and half starved.  there are articles relating to the way in which we overcame his problems so that we now have a happy and healthy dog.

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