Marrakech-Part II- Marjorelle Garden-Food Poisoning!

Day 11 MarFloral Blooms in Marrakechrakech-Gardens-Majorelle Garden & Yves St. Laurent

There are lots of beautiful gardens and floral displays in Marrakech.  The city has quite aptly been nicknamed “The rose among the palms.”  Many gardens lie tucked away in the courtyards of  traditional riads (inns).  Other, more formal gardens, are attached to the palBeautiful Garden in Marrakechaces and museums.   Contrast these gardens to the pink colouring of the architecture and the end result is very attractive. 

The Majorelle Garden

We found the Majorelle quite by accident.  It is a small garden but has so much packed into it, without feeling over-crowded.  There are prickly cactus plants and mini landscapes, allied to an abundance of colour.  The work of Jacques Majorelle, this garden  was opened in 1947.  Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, his partner, purchased it in 1980, as it had been threatened with destruction by speculators.

Food Poisoning

On our return to the hotel we discovered that one of the bikers had contracted sickness and diarrhoea.  He had ignored the advice given not to purchase food on the street and was now  paying the price for his rashness.  He assured us he had purchased the food on the main square the previous evening and it had been delicious.  His day was spent inside the hotel rather than exploring the sites of Marrakech.  We all hoped that he would be better by the morrow as we had a long ride ahead of us.

During the early evening the Baron and I strolled round the main square in Marrakech.  This comes alive at night and the smell of cooking in the open-air is intoxicating. We could sympathise with our comrade who had been tempted to buy some of this fare. 

We felt sad that we had only been such a short time in this intriguing of cities and had not been able to visit the museums, mosques, palaces or the old Jewish Quarter, Mellah.  The latter still exists although few Jews now reside in Marrakech.  Neither was there sufficient time to visit more gardens.   Maybe at some future date we will be able to return and spend several days exploring this vibrant African city?

Naomi Flashman

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