Vintage Motorcycles: Velocette Venom Thruxton & Velocette KTT: Sammy Miller Museum

Velocette Venom Thruxton


My husband loves Velocettes, along with all sorts of other vintage bikes, so when he saw these bikes he experienced most of his birthdays rolled into one!  Believe me, that is a lot of birthdays!   The Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum presents these bikes in pristine condition as can be see from these photographs.

                                       This particular model   is a:


   Velocette Venom Thruxton  499cc  (1966

  • Single Cylinder Four Speed
  • The final development of Velocette’s High  Performance Venom Model
  • In the Production TT a Thruxton was the overall winner of the 500 Class
  • In 1961 a Venom based machine ran for 24 hours at an average speed of more than 100 mph      at  the Monthery Race Track in France

This bike became the best selling one in the range and is now highly prized as being a superb example of a British Sports four stroke single.  Built in Hall Green in Birmingham,  between 1955 and 1970, only 5721  were ever made.  The Thruxton was created by Velocette Designer Bertie Goodman.  It had a race specification head that was gas flowed by hand to accommodate extra-large valves and a downdraught inlet port.  However, it failed to save the company which went into liquidation in 1971 in an era that saw the general demise of the British motorcycle industry

 Velocette KTT (Below

   The Velocette KTT became  famous following entry into the Isle of Man TT in 1925.  It had an overhead camshaft. This race was to be  one of those ‘classics’ remembered for years to come.  The following year, 1926,  Alan Bennett won the TT on a Velocette KTT.   The motorbike was to endure for another 45 years, when along with the Thruxton, it, too, became a victim of  the demise of the company

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Naomi Flashman

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