The Adventures of Caine and Caleb, Two Dogs from Dundee

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Grandpa Tex looked carefully at the lead.

‘Yes, it is long enough,’ he thought.

He dangled the lead over the bank. The end reached just a couple of feet above the tree trunk.

‘Caleb,’ he yelled, to attract the dog’s attention.

Caleb turned his gaze towards him.

‘What was that?’ He could see his lead and it was dangling in the air. His brain told him that anything that was dangling had to be leapt at and caught in his powerful jaws. He hurled himself into the air and grabbed the end of the lead in his teeth. Grandpa Tex felt the jolt in his shoulders as the dog seized the lead in a vice-like grip. However, when he looked down he had to stop himself from laughing as he saw the dog suspended in mid air, teeth firmly clamped on the lead, grimly refusing to let go.

Wild Eric & The Fairy Godda: Long Mynd: Shropshire

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The Long Mynd is wild and atmospheric.  No wonder  it has a beautiful yet poignant legend attached to it.  The Legend of Eric the Wild begins with the Battle of Hastings 1066.  William the Conqueror had successfully invaded England.  He brutally  set about subduing the population, many of whom, including Eric, a Saxon Lord of the Manor […]

The Fable of the Miraculous Beam: Christchurch Priory Church: Dorset

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Christchurch Priory Church, Dorset, southern England. The Story of the Miraculous Beam. Carpenter: Jesus of Nazareth: removal of stones to the nearby Saxon site.


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The Adventures of Caine & Caleb:  Two Dogs from Dundee           “What a wonderful smell.” Caleb found himself drooling.  “Sausages and beefburgers!” With one sharp pull he tugged his shaggy head out of his collar and bounded across the road in the direction of the fairground.  He narrowly missed passing cars […]

Wings Over Albion

Posted by on June 14, 2010 at 9:28 am

  Introduction      I have written this little story.  It is pure fantasy so please do not take it too seriously!  I am sure some of the details would not stand up to proper academic investigation!  The point is to enjoy the experience of exploring a fantastical realm while comprehending the underlying message.  Wings […]

Senula and the Silver Orb

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She was a wanderer. Her travels took her from settlement to settlement, through forests, across streams and rivers, up hills and mountains.  Although it was a nomadic existence she thrived on it. The act of travelling gave her immense pleasure and filled her with anticipation towards the next destination.  She never knew what experiences were likely to […]