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Galle Fort: Sri Lanka: World Heritage Site:

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Galle Fort Sri Lanka: World Heritage Site:UNESCO: Portuguese, Dutch and British administration:New Oriental Hotel: Dutch United Reformed Church: Nalini’s s garden

Sri Lanka's Children: Biros, Sea Shells & A Lesson in Humility

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                                  Sri Lankan children can be delightful. Wherever we went we were met by curious and smiling children, some of them quite young.  Many were wearing very thin raggedy clothes and had no shoes on their feet.  They were so poor by western standards but they still smiled.  At times we felt quite concerned […]

The British & Tea: Limerick!

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         A limerick :  All About Tea           (Not in the Same League as Edward Lear!)            A man from Ceylon said to me,           “You British have no taste in tea!           Those teabags you  favour           Are lacking in flavour       With blends of such poor quality.                       Forsaking fresh tea leaves in lieu        Of that time-saving,  quick-fix-it brew   You’ve simply […]

Baby Elephants Find Refuge: The Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawela: Sri Lanka

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          What can be more appealing than than the sight of a baby elephant?  This youngster on the left was one of the orphans being cared for at the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawela, near the town of Kegalle.  There are around 30 orphans at this sanctuary most of whom are young calves and they need  to be […]

PODI-KARUNA: A Really Awful Poem about a Sri Lankan Elephant!

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      Tourists on the Jungle Track: Sat on Podi-Karuna’s Back! Podi Karuna an Elephant Wise!                                PODI KARUNA Podi Karuna, an elephant wise, Stretched her legs and blinked her eyes, Rising up from her jungle bed She thought about the day ahead. As […]

Well I'll be Dammed! Family Occasion at Victoria Dam: Sri Lanka

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  Scene from the Victoria Dam     Victoria Dam: Mahaweli River Project: Sri Lanka       12th April 1985, President J. R. Jayawardene of Sri Lanka at the commissioning of Victoria Dam, Sri Lanka was quoted as saying: “Never in the history of the human race has water been collected at one spot, in one reservoir, […]